Take Back the Movies

On Saturday afternoon I spent a few hours volunteering for Take Back the Movies, a grassroots effort to respond to the July 20 mass shooting at an Aurora, CO movie theater. It was a small but important effort.

I received an email from Jason Cole a day after the shootings letting me know that he planned to spread a little light in the community by giving people a night at the movies. Not just a few people, but theaters full of them.

He asked me and many others to round up volunteers and donations. On Saturday over 50 volunteers gave out 1,300 tickets at five theaters in Aurora and adjoining cities, all fueled by donations from community businesses and individuals (9NEWS video).

"We're spreading some light in the dark! On July 20, one man crept into a darkened movie theater in Aurora and turned a night of fun into something terrible. He took something from our community, so tonight we're giving it back. We want to give you the gift of a night at the movies. This isn't a fundraiser, it isn't a protest. It's your community's gift to you.Go, enjoy, and after the movie, go spread some light in return."

The note given along with free movie tickets explaining Take Back the Movies

I managed to give away tickets to over 30 pleasantly surprised people at the Regal Continental Stadium 10 & RPX in Denver. There were a lot of smiles. I feel confident that many of those people will find a way to pay it forward.

I got a lot of satisfaction in exchange for just an afternoon of my time. In the grand scheme of things it was a small effort on my part, but it was something that will have a ripple effect for the rest of the community. Thank you Jason and the team you put together for making this all happen.