Brainpower and Give-a-Shit

I've been surrounding myself with smart, caring people for most of my life. It wasn't a conscious effort at first, but after meeting a few people with that rare combination of brainpower and give-a-shit, I now go out of my way to do more of it. I recommend that you do too.

There's something really special about working with somebody with lots of brainpower and give-a-shit rolled into a single package. Feeling like no challenge is too large is a powerful thing. Feeling like you can talk openly about problems that you see so that they can be fixed is equally powerful.

I've already been a part of Quick Left and the MBA program at Babson College, where the concentration of people with ridiculous amounts of brainpower and give-a-shit is through the roof.

Sometimes I feel guilty about how lucky I am to be in this position, to be excited about the work that I do. When I think about it in detail, as I do now in writing this, I remind myself that I had a hand in creating my luck. I want more of it.

Think about doing it for yourself if you aren't already. Anything is possible when you surround yourself with people who have brainpower and give-a-shit.