Thinking Out Loud

I've been half heartedly telling myself that I'd like to write more often but just haven't made the time to do it. It's time to get it in gear. As a way to think out loud I wrote that habits are more like footpaths than sidewalks, with each pass contributing to its formation over time. This post will be my first in quite some time, but a contribution to its whole nonetheless.

I've managed to build a routine writing short journal entries each morning and plan to use it as a model for writing blog entries like this one. Things that seem to have worked for me:

  • I write early in the morning when my head is clear and the interruptions of my normal day haven't started yet. 
  • I take an approach that's more like thinking out loud than it is long form writing. I plan to have my blog posts by slightly less half baked than the journal entries I write for myself but I'll plan on putting much less pressure on myself to have crystalized thoughts than I used to. 

While I'm not exactly sure why, I'm pretty confident that writing is an important way for me to better understand myself. It seems like that should be all the motivation I need to walk this way again.