Puttin’ on the Leash Part 2: Live Auction

Puttin’ on the Leash is coming up Saturday 4/13! These notes are part of a short series to help you understand what to expect:

The Schedule

  • 6:00pm Enjoy food, beverages, and Silent Auction bidding

  • 7:45pm Silent Auction closes

  • 8:00pm Program begins and Heads or Tails game starts

  • 8:30pm Live Auction begins

  • 9:30pm Auction checkout opens

Heads or Tails

Buy yourself a $50 Heads or Tails ticket for a chance to win an eight day vacation to Antigua! Heads or Tails will be kicking off the program before it transitions into the Live Auction. When Heads or Tails begins, participants will be asked to stand up and guess whether a coin toss will end up as a head or tail. Guess correctly and you’re still in the running. Guess incorrectly and it’s time to sit down and feel good about the fact that your ticket purchase made it possible to spay or neuter a deserving kitten or puppy before it reaches our adoption center. The last person standing will win the all inclusive trip!

Buy your ticket when you arrive and are walking the concourse during the Silent Auction. Last minute tickets can be purchased when the game begins by holding up your bid number.

Live Auction Items

Here are examples of the amazing experiences being auctioned at Puttin’ on the Leash:

  • Nature Untouched: Fly Fishing in Phantom Canyon Preserve

  • Relax in Palm Desert

  • The Face of Puttin' On The Leash

  • Walters & Hogsett Shopping Spree

Keep an eye on The Face of Puttin’ On The Leash - it’s a chance for a donor to have their cat(s) and/or dog(s) on the cover of next year’s program and marketing materials! The honor raised a substantial amount of money when it was introduced two years ago, and raised an eye popping amount last year!

Make sure you take a peek at the full list of Live Auction items and their descriptions so you know what to expect.

How to Bid

The Live Auction is the type of thing you see on TV and in movies. There’s a live auctioneer that will tell you the item up for bid and the next bid amount. He’ll keep upping the next bid amount until there’s only one bidder left, at which point you’ll hear the tried and true “SOLD!” and the satisfying bang of a gavel.

Paddle Raise

After all the Live Auction items have been auctioned off, your last(ish) chance to make a donation will be during the Paddle Raise. The emcee will start at a high number, generally $10,000, asking for donors to raise their paddles, otherwise known as their bid numbers. He’ll ask you to keep your paddle help up until he reads the number, indicating that you’ve committed to a donation.

He’ll keep lowering the number so that you can jump in at whatever level you feel comfortable with. He’ll keep reducing the dollar amount until he gets to the $100 paddle raise. As is the case with everything at Puttin’ on the Leash, there’s absolutely no pressure to participate.

Checking Out

Checkout begins at 9:30pm and takes place where you checked in when you arrived. You’ll have an opportunity to find out which, if any, silent and live auction items you won, and other donations or charges you okayed, including Heads or Tails and the Paddle Raise. You’ll be given the items to take home with you so that you can revel in your fundraising superpowers!

If you can’t stick around for the entire event, don’t sweat it. The Humane Society of Boulder Valley will reach out to you within a few days of the event to arrange for picking up the items at the facility on 55th.

Have Fun!

Any donation you consider should be something that fits comfortably into your budget. The main idea for Puttin’ on the Leash is to have some fun while you’re supporting this great organization!