Puttin’ on the Leash Part 1: Silent Auction

Puttin’ on the Leash is coming up Saturday 4/13! These notes are part of a short series to help you understand what to expect:

The Schedule

You’ll notice that the silent auctions run during the first half of the event. If you’re thinking about showing up fashionably late, know that browsing the silent auction items can take some time.

  • 6:00pm Enjoy food, beverages, and Silent Auction bidding

  • 7:45pm Silent Auction closes

  • 8:00pm Program begins and Heads or Tails game starts

  • 8:30pm Live Auction begins

  • 9:30pm Auction checkout opens

Eat Early and Often

Most of the food that will be served during the event will be available on the concourse during the silent auction that ends at 7:45pm. Lots of local businesses are pitching in with food and drink. Keep in mind that food is served in tiny hors d’oeuvre servings, so make sure you get enough fuel in your body to last the rest of the evening. Once the live auctions begins at 8:00pm you’ll have to switch to a liquid diet so plan accordingly.

Silent Auction Items

There will 400+ silent auction items to browse and bid on. The range of items is pretty wide:

  • Gift certificates to your favorite restaurant or even better, your significant other’s favorite restaurant

  • HSBV branded items

  • Art

  • Vouchers for massages, photography, and days of beauty

  • Lots, lots more!

All of the silent auction items are set up on the concourse, which is exactly where you’ll be entering upon checking in. Take a lap to browse or just dive right in!

How to Bid

Each item will have a slip of paper in front of it with suggested bids from lowest to highest. Write your bid number next to the bid that you’d like to place. You don’t have to go to the next highest number, though that’s usually what people do. If it’s an item that you really, really want you’ll want to check if you’ve been outbid just prior to the silent auction ending at 7:45pm or you can just grab it using the Buy It Now bid. Otherwise, you’ll find out if you’ve got the highest bid when you check out at the end of the night!