Preparing for Puttin’ on the Leash

Puttin’ on the Leash is coming up Saturday 4/13! These notes are part of a short series to help you understand what to expect:

What to Wear

The first time I went to Puttin’ on the Leash I expected to see a fair number of top hats and monocles, having never been to a fundraiser before. I now know that the recommended attire for the event is “Boulder cocktail”.

While most dress in typical cocktail fashion, you’ll see a few people in t-shirts and jeans, and you’ll see a few people in tuxedoes too. Ultimately we’re more concerned about whether or not you have a good time than how you look.

Along those lines, keep in mind that comfortable footwear will come in handy as CU Events Center is a sports arena. You’ll be walking the concourse for food, drink, and silent auctions, and going up and down stairs to get to and from the live auction.

Lastly, know that the venue has a clear bag policy that is described in detail here.

Setting a Budget

Puttin’ on the Leash is a fun event with lots of different ways to financially support the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement once the event gets underway. I recommend that you spend a few minutes thinking about what you’re comfortable doing ahead of time so that you can enjoy yourself once you’re ther.

Checking in

Depending on what time you arrive and what the weather’s like there may be a short logjam when you arrive. If that’s the case know that the line moves rather quickly.

Consider checking your coat when you arrive. You’ll be doing a fair amount of walking and probably don’t want to carry a coat around or leave it unattended.

There are two rows of tables where lots of staff will be asking for your name to get your checked in. You’ll be provided a program, map of the concourse, and a bid number. You’ll also be asked for a credit card number to speed up the process for when you check out at the end of the evening.